Always keeping climate control systems
in optimal conditions

The quality of the installed equipment is just as important as its maintenance. That is why we are experts in ensuring the service life of the climate control systems.

|Campos  Maintenance

Carrying out maintenance is essential to ensure a return on investments, the air quality of the installations and energy efficiency, among others. At Campos offering various options to keep climate control installations up to date through a personalised service and with guarantees:

  • Personalised service
  • Qualified technicians
  • Tools which comply with all current regulations
  • Emergency service
  • Incident management: with the objective of resolving, as quickly and efficiently as possible, any incident which causes service disruptions
  • Annual report on the state of the installation: a process of continuous evaluation of improvements or innovations
  • Maintenance certificate as per RITE (Thermal Installations in Buildings Regulation) (as required)
  • Compliance with OHS regulations
  • CMMS (Computerised Maintenance Management System: a management plan which improves the monitoring of maintenance tasks and scans data to prevent and predict breakdowns.
  • Environmental management: from preventive study of the environmental impact of the various policies and actions carried out, to pollution clean-up work, in the event of accidents, spills and other events.
  • Annual training plan.

Preventive maintenance

Maintenance of equipment or installations by carrying out inspections and cleaning to ensure their proper functioning and reliability.

Corrective maintenance

Defects in the installations are identified, or breakdowns are located in order to rectify or repair these.

Predictive maintenance

It is carried out before a breakdown occurs. Its primary objective is to avoid or mitigate the consequences of equipment failures, preventing the likelihood of incidents before their occurrence.

Conductive maintenance

A mixture of predictive and preventive maintenance, with certain basic tasks and/or inspections, where the proper functioning of the installation can be verified and its normal operation can be guaranteed in the maximum conditions of economy and safety.

Advantages of good maintenance


    Good maintenance ensures the profitability of the installation.


    Prevents breakdowns and also saves breakdowns expenses and surprise breakdowns which bring the production process to a standstill and slow down the pace of business activity.


    Having a well-maintained installation reduces electricity consumption, which reduces electricity bills.


    It will extend the useful life of the installation equipment by diagnosing its condition, as well as recommending actions to be taken to improve the quality of its operation.


    Correct maintenance allows for a hygienic environment, without bad smells, bacteria, sounds or vibrations and which, furthermore, does not put health at risk.



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