We create more sustainable,
more efficient infrastructures.

There is much to be done in the field of energy efficiency. Years ago it was a subject of which we were only aware, fortunately nowadays, we know that it is the beginning of the change.

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To combat the climate emergency it is essential to be aware of the poor energy use which has been done in recent decades to propose new solutions aligned with the different sustainability plans that are being carried out.

For that reason, at Campos, we develop ad hoc projects with the objective of optimising our clients’ energy consumption. We are the driving force behind solutions which help to reduce the carbon footprint, contributing to building more sustainable cities.

  • Energy consultancy

    An advisory and energy audit service which consists of analysing the situation and, with the results obtained, determining the potential for reducing energy consumption.

  • Energy efficient installation

    We work along two different lines: the installation of equipment and solutions which facilitate energy reduction:

    • Network quality: installation of equipment which eliminate distortions, capacitive energy, overloads or energy losses and also obtains considerable energy savings.
    • Ad hoc solutions: we are constantly searching for innovative solutions which enable reduced energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

  • Installation of network quality systems

    One of the alternatives which gives the best results when it comes to improving the energy efficiency of a building is to improve the quality of its electrical network. It is common for there to be distortions, overloads or energy losses in buildings: offices, companies, industries, server rooms and even households.

    By installing a series of devices which improve the quality of the network, considerable electricity bill savings can be obtained while at the same time contributing to the health of the planet.



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