The key to long-term success
lies in maintenance.

Inspecting the condition of an installation on a continuous basis, as well as carrying out minor repairs, saves value time and money.

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Comprehensive maintenance

Our years of experience have taught us that maintenance is the key to avoiding major breakdowns and damages, with the economic and time costs that these entail.

For this reason, as experts in construction, we develop a comprehensive maintenance of buildings, a fundamental service to improve aspects such as cost-effectiveness, breakdown prevention, energy efficiency, the useful life of the installation and the health of the users of the installations.

  • Preventive maintenance

    Maintenance of equipment or installations by carrying out inspections and cleaning to ensure their proper functioning and reliability.

  • Corrective maintenance

    Defects in the installations are identified, or breakdowns are located in order to rectify or repair these; this is the most basic form of maintenance.

  • Predictive maintenance

    It is carried out before a breakdown occurs. Its primary objective is to avoid or mitigate the consequences of equipment failures, preventing the likelihood of incidents before their occurrence.

  • Conductive maintenance

    A mixture of predictive and preventive maintenance, with certain basic tasks and/or inspections, where the proper functioning of the installation can be verified and its normal operation can be guaranteed in the maximum conditions of economy and safety.


Advantages of good maintenance

  • Cost-effectiveness

    The maintenance of the installation is more cost-effective in the long term.

  • Prevention

    Prevents breakdowns and also saves breakdowns expenses and surprise breakdowns which bring the production process to a standstill and slow down the pace of business activity.

  • Energy efficiency

    Having a well-maintained installation reduces electricity consumption, which reduces electricity bills.

  • Useful life

    It will extend the useful life of the installation equipment by diagnosing its condition, as well as recommending actions to be taken to improve the quality of its operation.

  • Health

    Correct maintenance allows for a hygienic environment, without bad smells, bacteria, sounds or vibrations and which, furthermore, does not put health at risk.



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