Creating a more connected
more cohesive society

We are living in the age of connectivity, where with each day which communication networks are increasingly important to connect families, friends, companies, governments etc.

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At Campos we are experts in the construction and maintenance of telecommunications infrastructures, installation and development of mobile and fixed communications networks, as well as engineering and legalisation services in the sector.

Telecommunications have become essential nowadays. Personal, professional and governmental relationships are dependent on that media. Therefore, we work with the utmost speed and immediacy in all our actions and resolution of incidents, striving to provide the highest quality service for our end clients.

Honoured by Huawei Spain with the ‘2020 Spain Best Collaboration Partner’ award

as the best partner company for telecommunications network deployment in 2020


Telecommunications Services


Construction of new sites, conditionings, relocations, dismantling, reinforcements, electrification, climate control installations, batteries, anti-vandalism systems, plant management etc.

See Infrastructures

Network installation

Implementation of all technologies, both mobile and fixed. Transmission, equipment and cabling in data centers, deployments in client premises, large area coverage, in building, special projects, smart cities etc.

See Network installation


Medium and low voltage lines, infrastructures, mobile and fixed networks, fibre networks, client premises etc.

See Maintenance

Engineering and legalisation

Audits, network engineering, legalisations, infrastructures, energy efficiency, climate control etc.

See Engineering and Legalisation


Our priority: to be your trusted partner


Efficiency and immediacy in all our actions, resolution of incidents and speed in the implementation of projects

End to end Turnkey

End-to-end implementation of projects, with a single contact person for all stages


Having 10 branch offices, offering coverage anywhere in the country.


High qualified team of professionals with technical skills and many years of experience in Campos

Meeting deadlines

Always on time in our projects and resolution of incidents


Adapting to the needs and requirements of our clients to facilitate the workflow

Major operators’ supplier

Several decades working for the major operators in our country, who continue to place their trust in us.

In-house metalworking production

Having our own forge for the metalworking production of infrastructure supports


Where do we provide this service?

Telecommunications base stations

Telecommunications towers, rooftops etc

Data Centers

Data centers, switching centres, server rooms, hosting rooms etc.

Fixed network nodes

Primary nodes, trunking, ductwork, junction boxes, ICT, RITI etc

Client premises

Buildings, offices, corporate head offices, industrial warehouses etc.

Large areas

Sports facilities, metro networks, airports, shopping centres, hotels and large buildings etc.



Telecommunications projects

Installation of new technologies and network modernisation

Campos has collaborated in the implementation of 2G (GSM AND DCS), 3G (UMTS) AND 4G (LTE) and 5G technology for the operators ORANGE, TELEFÓNICA, YOIGO and VODAFONE

See project

Construction and maintenance of power lines

Maintaining since May 2020 the Telxius medium voltage lines in Catalonia (16), Valencian Community (44), Murcia (19), Andalusia (190), Extremadura (73) and the Canary Islands (7)

See project

Upgrading of shared sites

New electricity supplies and LV and MV power extensions for remote sites.

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