We design and manufacture
highly efficient equipment.

Our climate control equipment offers state-of-the-art solutions geared towards energy saving, cost reduction and industrial and architectural integration.

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Our climate control equipment, created under the Borealis brand, offers high technical quality, low noise levels and high efficiency. Our work methodology, entirely flexible and in constant technological evolution, has made us experts in the design and development of optimal climate control equipment for sectors such as swimming pools, industry, telecommunications centres, commercial spaces etc.

At Campos we design and manufacture climate control and refrigeration equipment geared towards energy saving, reduced installations costs and industrial and architectural integration.

Our equipment


High performance air-to-air equipment. AB System modular units and heat pumps for primary air with ACE static recuperator.

See Air

Dehumidifiers for indoor swimming pools

Dehumidifiers for indoor swimming pools. HS/HV, HH, HRU, HRR and HC Models

See Dehumidifiers

Air-to-water heat pumps

Air-to-water heat pumps for heating swimming pools EBH

See Air–to–Water

AHUs and Recuperators

AH Air handling units and RH energy recovery units

See AHUs and Recuperators

Ultraviolet systems

Accessories and stand-alone equipment for sanitisation by means of UV-LINE, UV COIL and UV BOX ultraviolet radiation

See Ultraviolet systems

Custom Equipment and New Ranges

Refrigeration equipment for refrigeration and climate control, designed according to client requirements

See Custom Equipment and New Ranges

Features of our climate control equipment


Anodised aluminium profiles with thermal break

Sandwich panel with 45 mm PIR thermoacoustic insulation and composed of 2 lacquered galvanised steel sheets

Laminated steel base plate

Stainless steel drainage trays

“blocapanel” or Block panel type locks

Sealing gaskets

Panel levers

Control system

Freely programmable DDC digital electronic control

MODBUS and IP communication as standard, with integrated web server

No specific software required for remote management of the installation

Programming carried out by Borealis and with regular updates

Standard hardware

Refrigeration system

Inverter compressor generator

Electronic expansion valves

Water condensation (titanium)

Aluminium-magnesium alloy copper cooling coils (other materials possible)

Lacquered cooling unit

Energy recovery

Cross-flow air-to-air exchangers

Rotary exchangers

Refrigeration recovery

Water heat recovery unit


Our priority: to be your trusted partner


Our priority: to be your trusted partner

Quality and performance

We design and manufacture high quality and performance climate control equipment

Easy maintenance

Its structure is designed to ensure long durability and easy maintenance

Consideration and accessibility

Considerate and accessible treatment from our technical and commercial team

Energy efficiency

The priority in our climate control equipment is to achieve maximum energy efficiency

Custom equipment

We design and manufacture custom machines adapted to the client and installation. Flexibility and adaptability

R&D+i innovation

We create innovative climate control solutions through the development of our own equipment


Where is our equipment designed for?

Swimming pools

Swimming pools, health resorts, spas, wellness and sports centres with swimming pools.


Warehouses, production plants, logistics and package handling services


Stores, shopping venues, supermarkets, petrol stations and gymnasiums

Shopping centres

Business parks and shopping centres

Public buildings

Auditoriums, theatres and museums


Data centers, telecommunications base stations and hosting or cloud companies


Offices, corporate head offices, work centres, banks etc.

Hotels and restaurants

Hotels, restaurants, coffee shops


Hospitals, healthcare centres and clinics


Educational centres, schools, primary and secondary schools



Design and manufacture of climate control equipment projects

5 new AHUs for food industry processes

Design and manufacture of 5 new special “Borealis” Air Handling Units (AHUs) for processes in the food industry

See project

Heat pump dehumidifier for the Balneario de Tus Spa

Design and manufacture of a new Borealis unit for the Balneario de Tus Spa, located in the province of Albacete. It is a high-efficiency heat pump dehumidifier for indoor swimming pools, HRUS-080-26 model.

See project

Dehumidifier for the Mollerussa indoor swimming pool

Manufacture of a Borealis dehumidifier for the Mollerussa indoor swimming pool, in the province of Lleida. It is a Borealis HH dehumidifier, capable of maintaining the interior comfort conditions of the swimming pool.

See project