Everything under remote control
and in real time

It has always been said that he who has the knowledge has the power, and that is precisely what our e-brain system offers.

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Our e-brain system is an infrastructure management platform, developed by Campos, which monitors various parameters of an installation enabling coordinated and quick action in case of a problem in the installation. Furthermore, e-brain enables the analysis of energy consumption and therefore is able to implement energy efficiency solutions adapted to the requirements of the infrastructure.

Through a collection of data and events from all monitored systems and equipment, information is obtained in real time to take action accordingly in the various installations: climate control, electricity supply, lighting etc.

  • e-brain functionalities:

    • Report generation
    • Alarms
    • Status and configuration of variables
    • Visualisation: graphic and scale
    • Easy-to-use and simple user interface
    • Access from mobile devices
    • Different user profiles
    • Customised configuration
    • Optimisation algorithms
    • Multipoint management
    • Incident resolution

  • Real-time remote monitoring and control

    • Climate control installations and equipment
    • Energy consumption
    • Access control
    • Electrical installations
    • Energy production
    • Energy storage
    • Air quality


e-brain advantages

To be able to understand what is happening in an installation in real time is to be able to avoid large economic and energy costs, extend the useful life of the equipment and resolve incidents as soon as possible:

Reduction of energy consumption

Maintenance management optimisation

Longer useful life of equipment

Remote management, reduction of response times

Multi-point management

Economic savings



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