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We are a local company with international presence which operates in four main business areas:

telecommunications, construction, climate control and energy.

In our more than 30 years of experience we have evolved to offer solutions which provide the best results to our clients and meet future challenges. An evolution which has led us to become today a national reference benchmark company that holds fast to its three cornerstones: positive impact, trust and innovation.

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At Campos faced with the questions of the future
there is only one answers. Let’s do it.







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Offering solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s society


Global access to the latest in communications, construction of spaces with quality materials and strategically designed according to their functionality, a clean atmosphere where comfort and health go hand in hand or proposals to address climate change by promoting renewable energy.


At Campos we propose comprehensive solutions with a good local impact which contemplate the planet and people.


Creating a more connected, more cohesive society

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Building tomorrow’s world today

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Climate control

Designing environments which provide well-being and efficiency

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Promoting energy wherever we are

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Our solutions

At Campos creating infrastructures which connect development and sustainability to be

the driving force behind new comprehensive solutions demanded by society.


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Construcción supermercado Eroski

Fostering Sustainable Development

With our work we want to contribute to ensuring equal opportunities for all people, without harming the planet.

PoThat is why we always seek to contribute to the triple bottom line (economic – social – environmental) in our relationships with suppliers, clients and employees, as well as in the implementation of our solutions.

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