We are wherever there is
an infrastructure.

Infrastructures are one of the key pillars for the development of society and communications. And we must evolve at the pace that both demand.

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We have been working on telecommunications infrastructures for several decades. It was precisely our origin, developing electrical installations, which enabled us to evolve rapidly in this sector.

This experience has led us to be highly qualified both in the construction of new sites, as well as in the maintenance of installations. Our progressive growth, as well as our deployment throughout the country, means that we can offer infrastructure services throughout the country.

  • Conditionings for shared and own sites
  • Relocations and dismantling
  • Disassembly
  • Reinforcement of towers and masts
  • Mimetisations
  • Construction of medium and low voltage lines
  • Extension of the power of electrical connections
  • Installation of power panels
  • Modernisation of power equipment
  • Climate control installations and improvements
  • Installation of lead and lithium batteries
  • Plant management: infrastructure operations in data centers
  • Resolution of infrastructure incidents
  • Installation of vandal proof systems: air, batteries, booths etc.
  • Anti-nest systems
  • Construction of trenches, manholes and pipe-work for the fixed network.


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