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To restore a commercial or industrial space to its original appearance, very careful work and highly qualified execution are required.

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The dismantling or disassembling of spaces is a common practice in the commercial and industrial real estate sector, due to the fact that these activities are generally carried out in very versatile locations.

This service consists of restoring the property to its original state, leaving that property in the same condition as it was found. For that reason, it must be carried out by qualified professionals.

  • Dismantling of the structure and installations

    Generally, open-plan commercial spaces are leased, which only have false ceilings and raised floors. From there, the companies which lease the space adapt it according to their needs and corporate image: partitions, partition walls, electrical installation, climate control, lighting, signage etc. When these items are dismantled, everything must disappear in order to return the property to the owner in its initial state.

  • Furniture

    In a disassembling, the furniture is generally reused in other locations. It must therefore be carefully disassembled and disconnected so that no furniture is damaged.

  • Waste management

    Much of the equipment and materials which are part of the installation are reusable, and must be sorted, packed and transported to new locations. If the equipment and materials cannot be reused, a proper management of the waste must be carried out in collaboration with duly authorised waste management companies.

  • Final cleaning

    The property must be delivered clean after the dismantling of all the elements.



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