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Increasingly more public and private companies and organisations need data processing centres where their digital information can be organised, stored and disseminated.

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Thanks to the joint efforts of the Campos teams who are specialists in our various solutions, we offer a comprehensive service for Data Centres, without disrupting the normal functioning of companies or organisations. In our projects taking into account aspects from the design of the proposal which offers the greatest energy savings, to the construction and maintenance of the data center:



Plant management, ICT installations, ductwork and maintenance.

In the field of telecommunications, in addition to offering services which cover the comprehensive cycle of projects for information and communication technology companies, added value is provided through:

  • Our systems integration with engineering capacity.
  • Documentation and maintenance.
  • Installation of all types of platforms with racks, cabling, power supply and commissioning.

DPC Services

  • Plant management: layouts, infrastructures, documentation, plans etc.
  • Design of plant spaces (hot and cold aisles, power supply, climate etc)
  • Aerial ducting and false floors
  • Installation of platforms for operator clients
  • Assembly, documentation and management of UPS electrical panels
  • Electrical installations
  • Installations Certification
  • Energy efficiency
  • Maintenance and technical support

Other ICT services

  • Installation of fibre, ethernet and coaxial distribution frames
  • Structured cabling, fibre and coaxial networks
  • Special fibre optic tray
  • Fibre optic networks (fibre splicing)
  • Cabinets, racks, frames etc.



Refurbishment or new construction, legalisation, civil works, installations and maintenance.

On many occasions, data centers need refurbishments or extensions to improve service. It is important that this type of work is carried out by qualified personnel as these are critical spaces in which, in general, operate “hot”, that is, with the data center active. At Campos we have been carrying these works out for years and we are experts in their construction and refurbishment, some of our services include:

Civil works

Demolition, excavation, earthworks, structure, foundations, partition walls, enclosures, masonry, laying floors and ceilings, wall claddings, exterior and interior painting, application of finishes and treatments, installation of doors, partitions, closures etc.


Electricity, lighting, telecommunications, climate control, plumbing, fire protection (FPS), security systems etc.


In addition to telecommunications maintenance, the infrastructure itself must be regularly maintained to ensure the proper functioning of the installations (climate control, energy etc.). This is a fundamental service to improve aspects such as cost-effectiveness, breakdown prevention, energy efficiency or the useful life of the installation.


Processing, licence management, permit and certification management.

Climate control and energy


Engineering, conventional climate control, efficient climate control, equipment manufacturing, maintenance.

3% of the world’s energy consumption corresponds to Data Processing Centres. This figure confirms the widespread need to reduce the energy consumption of these sites while maintaining the security of the service. To do this, it is essential to follow a methodology which helps to achieve maximum energy efficiency.

Energy consultancy

In this consultancy service the operating parameters and needs of the infrastructures are analysed in order to obtain information regarding the potential energy reduction. After this analysis, action guidelines are proposed to optimise the energy efficiency of the installation.

Implementation of measures

Maximum service security and greatest consumption reduction through solutions such as free cooling, zone confinement or humidification systems.

Monitoring and control

After the implementation of these measures, the parameters of the installations will be monitored with our E-brain system, proposing the establishment of a programme of visits and remote control of the operation of the systems which enables the optimisation of the various solutions proposed and the maximisation of the savings obtained.

Developing our own ad hoc software and technology for data center energy management


Industrialised DPC


After year of experiences working with the main players in the data center sector, we have developed a modular data center which offers rapid deployment (for edge computing centres) and enables large amounts of data to be processed with low latency.

An optimal solution for many of the players on this new playing field: telecommunications operators, cloud service providers, SMEs and major companies etc. This system is based on the use of construction systems used for the last 20 years in our Borealis climate control equipment factory, therefore, making it a 4.0 factory specially designed for the manufacture of this product.


  • Two parallel uninterruptible power supply systems
  • Two parallel cooling systems with direct free cooling
  • Fire extinguishing system
  • Two power supply panels A and B
  • BMS system
  • Space for 10 footprints
  • All tested on factory test bench as a warranty for the client

Possible locations

  • Empty industrial building

The system can be installed directly in an empty building equipped with network/group and data with the necessary power.

  • Concrete outbuilding

Our system also allows for a data centre to be deployed in a concrete or tarmac outbuilding with the necessary resistance in which 100 kW modules can be installed as required.

  • Building annexe

With our solution, a first module can be installed with communications and general services and modules can be added as existing spaces are filled.


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