Proposing and executing
efficient climate control projects

We are experts in engineering, installation and maintenance of climate control infrastructures which assist companies to reduce their energy consumption.

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We have been designing, installing and maintaining climate control systems for companies nationally for over 30 years. An experience has led us to become one of the few national companies specialising in climate control and energy efficiency for telecommunications infrastructures.

In such a sector, in continuous technological evolution, it is essential to have a highly qualified professional team capable of providing solutions to new requirements. More efficient, custom solutions with lower energy consumption, completely adapted to each infrastructure and its operation. To this end, at Campos, we provide a comprehensive service through all the stages: study, design, testing, implementation, monitoring and maintenance. A process which is synonymous with guarantee and quality.


Engineering, installation and maintenance of climate control systems services


Auditing, design, execution, technical management and quality control of climate control installations. Design of energy efficiency projects in climate control

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Conventional climate control

Installation and/or renovation of production systems, VRV systems, ducted distribution, radiant floor and ceiling heating, fan coils, cooling units, dehumidifiers, precision equipment etc.

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Efficient climate control

Aerothermal, geothermal, cold storage systems and equipment, free cooling etc.

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Preventive, corrective and predictive maintenance

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Our priority: to be your trusted partner

efeciciencia energetica

Energy efficiency

The priority in our climate control projects is to obtain maximum energy efficiency


End to end Turnkey

Executing the project from end to end: design, execution, monitoring, control and maintenance

Ad hoc solutions

Knowing how to adapt to the needs of our clients and understand the particularities of each infrastructure to offer custom solutions

R&D+i innovation

Creating innovative solutions in climate control through our own developments

Telecommunications experts

We are specialists in climate control and energy efficiency for telecommunications infrastructures (DPC and Telecommunications Base Stations), “hot “operation

Technical office

Having a team of highly qualified engineers


Where do we provide this service?


Data centers, telecommunications base stations and hosting or cloud companies


Stores, shopping venues, supermarkets, petrol stations, gymnasiums etc.

Shopping centres

Business parks and shopping centres

Public buildings

Auditoriums, theatres and museums


Warehouses, production plants, logistics and package handling services


Corporate head offices, offices, work centres, bank offices etc.


Hospitals, healthcare centres and clinics

Hotels and restaurants

Hotels, restaurants, coffee shops


Educational centres, schools, primary and secondary schools



Engineering, installation and maintenance

Climate Control installation for the Carrefour Market supermarket in Madrid

Clysema has undertaken a new climate control project for a new Carrefour Market supermarket, located in Madrid.

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Retrofitting of the climate control system in office building and data centre for Orange

Clysema has completed a new climate control project for Orange España. The building where the climate control retrofitting has been undertaken has 4 floors and houses both the offices as well as a Data Processing Center (DPC).

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Replacement of climate control equipment and implementation of the DCIM E-brain system in Nixval’s Data Center

Nixval has awarded Campos the implementation of the DCIM E-brain system for its data center in Paterna (Valencia). This project has also included the replacement of the current climate control equipment and the installation of new refrigeration equipment.

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