The electrical installation,
from the beginning until today

Our beginnings in the electrical industry have been the cornerstone on which the company has grown, and today offering services in our four divisions.

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Electrical installation is the genesis of our business. During the first years, our main activity was based on the installation of medium and low voltage lines, transformation stations, public lighting and electrical installations in general.

Years later, we ventured into the world of mobile phone and telecommunications, until today offering a comprehensive installation service in all our business lines.

We carry out all types of electrical installations in sectors such as telecommunications, construction, climate control and energy. And furthermore, bringing into line electrical installations to the new medium and low voltage regulations collaborating with the Government Collaboration agencies designated by our clients.

  • Construction of medium and low voltage lines
  • Extension of the electrical connections power
  • Installation of power panels
  • Modernisation of power equipment
  • Design and implementation of electrical installations (lighting, illumination etc.)
  • Medium voltage and low voltage electrical distribution networks
  • Live working for junctions, shunts, insulation changes etc.
  • Transformer Stations
  • Installations of any kind for buildings
  • Telecommunications installations: data centres, telecommunications base stations, fibre and security


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