An inexhaustible source of energy
that does not pollute.

Photovoltaic electricity is a brilliant solution to fight climate change and lead the transition to a low-carbon economy.

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Our commitment to sustainable development has been present since our beginnings. This is demonstrated by the fact that we have been working in the renewable energy sector for 15 years.

We were pioneers in designing, executing and maintaining photovoltaic installations nationally. This has not only made us experts, but has also qualified us as auditors, being able to identify deficiencies and therefore assist our clients regarding the best solutions.

  • Solar park

    A solar park is much more than just a place to produce energy. It is a site where many jobs are created, where climate change is fought and where an alternative energy source is offered to many households and businesses.

    At Campos we undertake the entire construction of the park, from the foundations, earthworks and fencing, to the connection of the modules, the MV and LV installation, security with video surveillance cameras and even the perimeter lighting.

  • Self-consumption

    Increasing numbers of people are making the switch to energy self-consumption. The installation of solar panels is a great alternative for the household economy and to contribute to the good of all. There are two types of solutions available:

    • Grid-connected installations:  which obtain significant savings in electricity consumption thanks to the supply of solar energy in the midday day, when the price of electricity is higher.
    • Off-grid installations:  which can supply the electricity demand autonomously, without the need to be connected to the electricity network.

  • Maintenance

    Building a solar plant is the first step in a long story. But the real key to its success lies in maintenance. In these infrastructures it is common for the deterioration of the installations to occur and therefore its useful life.

    • Installation management with specialised software
    • Advanced control centre
    • Remote measurement of meters
    • Installation automation
    • Installation of security and surveillance systems
    • Daily predictive maintenance
    • Scheduled physical inspection
    • Medium voltage maintenance
    • Solar panel cleaning
    • Maintenance of common areas
    • Reports, investment studies, audits

  • Photovoltaic audits

    We offer audits of photovoltaic installations to ensure the performance of the installations. The objective of these audits is to provide a comprehensive overview of the state of the installation, identify possible deficiencies in the materials and hidden defects in the assembly, which in the medium term will affect the normal operation of the installation. Furthermore, assisting the owner of the installation regarding the best solutions to the various incidents identified.



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