Technology and efficiency:
two challenges, two realities

Harnessing thermal energy from the air itself or from the subsoil, as well as the cheapest electricity tariffs, are the most intelligent and efficient proposals for climate control.

|Campos  Efficient climate control

Both for economic savings as well as environmental awareness, energy efficiency is essential in today’s projects. At Campos we always strive for excellence, obtaining a balance between the energy efficiency of the installation and the satisfaction of the end user.

Aerothermal energy

Carrying out the installation of equipment which enables the harnessing of thermal energy of the air. It is an efficient and sustainable technology as compared to conventional solutions.

Geothermal energy

Optimising the climate control requirements of buildings by means of geothermal energy, that consists in the
harnessing of the energy stored in the subsoil,
which is of a renewable nature. Carrying out the installation of equipment, distribution networks and geothermal energy capture. Due to its low enthalpy, it is the most efficient thermal energy production system, and also considerably reduces C02 emissions.
Geothermal installations use a heat pump to transfer energy in the form of heat from one environment to another as required. Its operation is very similar to a traditional climate control.


Using the exterior air to meet the energy demands of a given infrastructure. As a result the energy consumption of the installations is reduced.

Cold storage systems and equipment

The main characteristic of these systems is that storage is undertaken at night, taking advantage of the cheaper electricity tariffs, to transfer the cold during the day. This allows for an optimisation in the energy management of the installation as the manager can supply the energy when it is most convenient to do so. These systems and equipment are highly recommended as climate control systems for hotels, museums, offices, airports, train stations (among others) and for  refrigeration in supermarkets, refrigeration networks or the food industry.

Advantages of cold storage systems and equipment

  • Economical savings in cold production
  • Very interesting return rates
  • Reduced installation size
  • Use as a back-up system in the event of breakdowns


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